Parrotia persica Vanessa

Persian Ironwood

Deciduous hedge with a gorgeous autumn colouration in red, orange-yellow and purple tints. The young shoots are olive-brown. The trunk is light grey with brown patches, and more mature plants develop attractive patches of peeling bark. The slightly wavy, glossy leaves are dark on opening, with a wine-coloured edge, and turn green later on. The bright-red flowers are around 2 cm across and can appear after a few years on the bare wood. After blooming, large horned fruits around 1 cm in size follow. Due to trimming however, this hedge generally develops no or only a few flowers.

Parrotia persica Vanessa | Persian Ironwood
Parrotia persica Vanessa | Persian Ironwood


This type needs little maintenance. A sunny spot encourages the intense autumn colouration.

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Deciduous Deciduous
Trimming Trimming
Flower-bearing Flower-bearing
Weight Weight
150 kg
Hight Hight
200 cm

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