QuickHedge Service

QuickHedge may pamper its 880,000 plants 24/7, but our customers are central to everything we do.

Our commitment to Customer Service is expressed in three ways:

1) marketing and support of the sales to our customers
For QuickHedge, selling stands for giving advice, listening and Anticipating the customers’ needs. A sale is only a success when the hedges have been planted well, and are looking splendid at their final destination. We are not happy until our customers are. We work hard to provide information materials, both online and offline, train our partners’ sales teams, exhibit where possible and are always open to joint activities. QuickHedge will become a leading brand, and we wish to work towards this goal together with our customers.

2) careful and alert response to and anticipation of customer questions
Our goal is to acquire and satisfy end customers together with our partners. To this end, we are at your service 24/7. ‘Impossible’ is not in our dictionary, and neither is ‘will take a while’. QuickHedge wants to be successful by backing its customers quickly and alertly, and by providing them with all possible support. And, if we ever slip up, by getting the chance to put things right quickly!

3) anticipating the end customers’ needs, as an extension of our customers
In any situation we would like to be involved as soon as possible. Together with the customer, the architect, the gardener, the project manager, part of everyday business for QuickHedge. We never go for the quick deal, but always for satisfied customers in the long term. After all, word-of-mouth advertising is the key to successful marketing! So you are invited to involve us in your planning in any stage of a project, without obligations.

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