Tree-growers by nature

Peter Bongers, the founder, is the driving force behind QuickHedge. Since 1985, he has been active as a nurseryman in Boekel in the Dutch province of Noord-Brabant. He built up a successful avenue tree nursery that gained an enviable reputation for quality and innovation, Peter’s typical core values. This drive for innovation is how QuickHedge came about. Watching and listening to horticulturists and inspired by an English colleague, he got the idea of growing ready-to-plant hedges. This started with a search for ‘the best’ cultivation method. For this still to be developed. As the cultivation and maturation of top-quality hedges demands great meticulousness, a careful and reliable working method is an important prerequisite.

GPS technology

In particular for the undercutting of the plants and the frequent pruning, it is important this is done with the utmost precision. To this end, Peter developed a cultivation system guided by advanced GPS satellite technology. This technology ensures that the machines correct themselves to an accuracy of 2 cm. QuickHedge holds a patent on this innovation, which makes a valuable contribution to the unbridled quality of the QuickHedge instant hedges.

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