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I have another question. What should I do? Please approach the QuickHedge Team with all your questions. They will be answered as quickly as possible.

What are the dimensions and weight of a QuickHedge hedging element? 

The hedge elements have the following properties:

  • Length 100 cm (incl. the biodegradable cardboard box, which may be left on when planting and rots away in three months)
  • Width 40 cm
  • Weight 150 kg

Height varies by type, see here for a general size overview

Are QuickHedge instant hedges available and plantable all year round? 

Yes. The hedges are undercut annually so that the root quality is comparable to that of container-grown plants. Due to this, the annual percentage losses are less than 1%. Of course, it is possible that certain types or heights are temporarily unavailable. Customers regularly receive an up-to-date stock list sent by e-mail. In case of doubt about stock, please contact QuickHedge.

I am a gardening professional and want to place an order – how does this work?

As a gardening professional, you can purchase from one of our trade sales points, or if there is not a suitable one in your area, directly from QuickHedge. The delivery time after placing an order (directly or via a trade sales point) is 3 to 4 working days on average. Of course, your order may also be collected. The hedges are delivered with three hedging elements on a block pallet 120 x 100 cm. In the Netherlands and a small distance outside, deliveries are made with a truck with on-board forklift. In the rest of Europe, the transport is arranged via transporters without unloading facilities. The purchaser is here responsible for equipment to unload the pallets. For timed deliveries or deliveries abroad with an on-board forklift or similar, an extra charge is made. It applies to the entire order process from ordering to delivery that everything is done in consultation with QuickHedge, and that deviations from the procedure just stated are possible.

How can I as a gardening professional plant a QuickHedge instant hedge? 

You can download the comprehensive PLANTING ADVICE or watch various planting videos on the QuickHedge YouTube channel.

Meanwhile, here are some attention points:

  • Make sure the soil is good and light and drains well; use soil improvement where necessary
  • Only plant in disease-free soil with a good acidity (pH)
  • In (heavy) clay soil it is highly advised to prepare the plant trench with extra care and to place a drain hose at the bottom of the trench if in doubt (in a layer of river sand if necessary)
  • If in doubt about the correct soil preparation, always contact QuickHedge
  • Loosen the subsoil of the plant trench well and dig out a wide trench so the roots can strike well: minimum width 35 cm and minimum depth 35 cm
  • When using the QuickHedge plant rack, the trench should be at least 60 cm wide
  • Place the hedge elements including the biodegradable cardboard box in the trench; make sure the cardboard is just below ground level
  • Place the supplied drip irrigation hose on the top of the root ball / cardboard box, just below ground level
  • Fill the trench with good loose soil and firmly press the elements and the soil.

Do I have to fertilize a QuickHedge instant hedge? 

Just like any other plant a QuickHedge instant hedge needs nutrition. We recommend organic or artificial fertilizer once a year, preferably in spring. Do not apply too much fertilizer, as your hedge does not have to grow much. In case of doubt please consult QuickHedge.

Is a QuickHedge instant hedge winter hardy? 

Most QuickHedge hedgetypes are able to withstand normal Dutch winters. Moreover, QuickHedge intant hedges are grown in a Dutch nursery. However extreme winters and windy places can have an adversely affect on the condition of a hedge. In case of doubt, please request the table of climate zones from QuickHedge.

Can I mix various hedgetypes? 

Yes. A QuickHedge instant hedge consists of one metre elements. By mixing various types you can plant a hedge of your choice. In practice, green and red beech are often alternated. But of course there are many more possibilities for mixing hedge types.

How long will a QuickHedge instant hedge last? 

In principle, a QuickHedge instant hedge will last a lifetime. However, as it is a natural product things may happen that cause the hedge to deteriorate or even die. Development, paving, storm damage or other causes may impair the vitality of the hedge. Under normal conditions a QuickHedge instant hedge will easily last for 20 years or longer.

How often do I have to cut a QuickHedge instant hedge? 

This depends on a number of factors. Normally, cutting twice a year will be sufficient. One maintenance cutting in late spring and one in summer will produce a manicured appearance. If the hedge grows very fast it has to be cut more often.