About QuickHedge

I am pleased to meet you here on the QuickHedge website. Apparently we share the same passion: for greenery, for beautiful gardens, for nature. In 2004, this passion inspired me, Peter Bongers, to utilise my experience as a nurseryman to accomplish my dream: creating a special product with a unique and powerful character. The result was QuickHedge. A name that now stands for a successful company, with many hundreds of satisfied customers throughout Europe, I am proud to say.

Special qualities

More and more landscape architects, gardeners and garden lovers choose the special qualities of QuickHedge instant hedges. They are choosing living green instead of stone, fencing or wood. They value the combination of top quality and ‘privacy within a day’. After all, it is an absolute shame, and unnecessary, that the proud owners of a new or renovated garden, terrace, swimming pool, natural pool, patio or parking space are so exposed for years for the simple reason that it takes such a long time for a hedge to mature.

Over 26 varieties of instant hedges

Customers who choose beautiful, lush green as a boundary partition or privacy-enhancing decorative element can choose from no fewer than 26 types of QuickHedge ready-to-plant hedges. These hedges are grown on the best conceivable soil in Noord-Brabant and pampered by dedicated professionals. After an average of six years the hedges are mature, exceedingly strong, expertly trimmed to shape and in the prime of their lives. Only then they are suitable for delivery to our customers, providing ultimate privacy within a day. The only thing the gardener needs to do is to dig a trench. And to plant the QuickHedge hedges, delivered in elements of one metre. Success guaranteed. 

We are happy to let you discover here what QuickHedge stands for, and what we have to offer to be of optimal service to both gardening professionals and garden lovers. One thing is for sure: when you are happy, so are we.

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