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Can I replace my wooden fence by QuickHedge? 

Yes, without problem. It may be necessary to improve the soil, but your garden specialist / horticulturist will be able to judge that.

Can I mix various types? 

Yes. QuickHedge consists of one metre elements. By mixing various types you can plant a hedge of your choice. In practice, green and red beech are often alternated. But of course there are many more possibilities for mixing hedge types.

How long will QuickHedge last?

In principle, QuickHedge will last a lifetime. However, as it is a natural product things may happen that cause the hedge to deteriorate or even die. Development, paving, storm damage or other causes may impair the vitality of the hedge. Under normal conditions QuickHedge will easily last for 20 years or longer.

How often do I have to cut a QuickHedge? 

This depends on a number of factors. Normally, cutting twice a year will be sufficient. One maintenance cutting in late spring and one in summer will produce a manicured appearance. If the hedge grows very fast it has to be cut more often.

Can I plant QuickHedges myself? 

No. Planting QuickHedges requires a special plant rack, because each element weighs around 150 kg. Only our partners have this equipment. Our most important reason for working with partners is to be able to guarantee the continued quality of QuickHedge. Only our partner companies possess the right equipment and knowledge. The most important reason to engage a recognised gardening specialist is to be able to guarantee the continued quality of the QuickHedge.

Does QuickHedge shed its leaves in winter? 

QuickHedge features a broad range of hedges. There are both deciduous and evergreen types. You can read an explanation of the exact difference under the heading OUR HEDGES.

Can you list some applications for QuickHedge? 

QuickHedge is suitable for numerous applications. First of all as a garden separation, but also as a decorative element in your garden, for instance as a short hedge. QuickHedge can be used in existing gardens, new developments, public parks, but also for temporary projects. Please ask your garden specialist whether QuickHedge is suitable for your specific requirements.

Do I have to fertilize QuickHedge? 

Just like any other plant QuickHedge needs nutrition. We recommend organic or artificial fertilizer once a year, preferably in spring. Do not apply too much fertilizer, as your QuickHedge does not have to grow much. In case of doubt please consult your garden specialist.

Is QuickHedge winter hardy? 

Most QuickHedge types are able to withstand normal Dutch winters. Moreover, QuickHedges are grown in a Dutch nursery. However extreme winters and windy places can have an adversely affect on the condition of QuickHedge. In case of doubt please consult your garden specialist.