Fagus sylvatica

European beech

A green hedge with shiny leaves that turn yellowish brown in autumn. The hedge grows best in humous soils with good permeability and should not be kept too wet. Withered leaves remain on the branches after the autumn colouring and so provide privacy and structure even in winter.

Fagus sylvatica | European beech
Fagus sylvatica | European beech


Trim twice a year at the end of May and end of August or once around the longest day (21 June) in cloudy weather. Not in bright sunlight as this may cause burning. However, preferably trim twice as it makes the hedge more compact. Does not tolerate closed paving.

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Marcescent Marcescent
Trimming Trimming
05 & 08
Weight Weight
150 kg
Hight Hight
80 cm
120 cm
150 cm
200 cm

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