Ligustrum ovalifolium

California privet

The California privet is a real classic, with its attractive deep-green, oval leaves. The plant is semi-evergreen. This means that it is theoretically evergreen, but loses its leaves (wholly or partially) during a severe winter. In the spring, new leaves quickly replace the fallen ones. The California privet is an exceptionally robust plant that does well almost anywhere. Privet is therefore popular as a hedge.

Ligustrum ovalifolium | California privet
Ligustrum ovalifolium | California privet


Privet is unsuitable for planting in very wet soil.

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Evergreen Evergreen
Marcescent Marcescent
Non-edible Non-edible
Trimming Trimming
Flower-bearing Flower-bearing
Fruit-bearing Fruit-bearing
Weight Weight
150 kg
Hight Hight
200 cm

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