Leaflet QuickHedge

More and more landscapers, gardeners and garden lovers are opting for the special properties of QuickHedge ready-made hedges. They choose living 'greenery' instead of cold stone, fencing or wood. Appreciate the combination of top qualities 'privacy within a day'. Because it is a shame, and unnecessary, that the proud owner of a new or renovated garden, terrace, swimming pool, swimming pond, patio or parking space has to sit 'in plain sight' for years, because it takes years for a hedge to mature.

Anyone opting for beautiful, lush greenery as a boundary or privacy-enhancing decorative element can choose from no fewer than 29 varieties of QuickHedge ready-made hedges. These hedges are grown in the best soil imaginable in North Brabant and raised by dedicated professionals. After an average of 6 years, the hedges are fully grown, extremely strong, expertly trimmed and in the prime of their lives. Only then are they suitable for delivery to the customer. To then provide ultimate privacy within a day. All a gardener has to do is dig a trench. And plant the QuickHedge hedges, supplied in elements of one metre width.

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